WHO Expert Committee on Rabies, Second Report

Technical Report Series No. 82. 27 pp., WHO, Geneva, 1954. Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. Price 1/9, $0.25, Sw. fr. 1.-

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This report reviews advances in the field of rabies during the past three years. Of particular significance are the sections treating with antirabies hyper-immune serum, chick-embryo-adapted virus vaccine, and modifications in chick-embryo-adapted Flury strain rabies virus in high egg-passage. Hyperimmune serum and 14 subsequent daily doses of phenolized vaccine is recommended for treating persons with severe exposure. Studies upon which this recommendation is based are summarized. A useful table of indications for specific post-exposure treatment using serum is included. Field trials in Israel and Malaya demonstrating the effectiveness of chick-embryo vaccine in dogs are summarized. Chick-embryo vaccines are not yet recommended, however, for human treatment. Rabies control in animals including international transfer of animal, diagnosis, suggested research, potency testing of vaccines and hyperimmune serum, and epizootiology of wild-animal rabies including rabid insectivorous bats in the U. S. A. are other subjects covered.

This will be found a most useful report by all concerned in the control of this zoonosis which is of such importance in so many countries.