Schistosomiasis Mansoni in Puerto Rican Soldiers

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  • Rodriguez Army Hospital, Fort Brooke, Puerto Rico and Army Medical Service Graduate School, Washington, D. C.

Summary and Conclusions

The results of a study employing various methods of detecting schistosomiasis in 276 asymptomatic Puerto Rican soldiers are reported. Forty-five per cent showed a positive intradermal test, 43.5 per cent showed a positive complement-fixation test and 18.8 per cent had positive stools for ova. The intradermal and complement-fixation tests appear to be good screening tests and are simple to perform.

We wish to express our appreciation to Captain Pablo Morales, MC, AUS, and 1st Lt. James L. Sullivan, MSC, AUS, for their valuable assistance in collecting and handling the specimens used in this study.

Author Notes

Lt. Col. M.C., U. S. Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C.

Lt. Col., M.S.C., U. S. Army, Tropical Research Medical Laboratory, APO 851, c/o Postmaster, New York, New York.

Tropical Research Medical Laboratory.