Plasmodium Gallinaceum-Parasitized Chicken Erythrocytes in a Practical Hemagglutination Test for IgM Antibodies in Human Malaria

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  • Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo, Caixa Postal 2921, São Paulo, Brazil

A new hemagglutination test for human malaria, done with Plasmodium gallinaceum-parasitized, aldehyde-fixed, chicken erythrocytes as a stable lyophilized reagent, is described. The test was positive in every human case of falciparum or vivax malaria in which there was parasitemia. It detected only IgM anti-plasmodial antibodies and usually became negative within a few weeks after treatment. As a practical and sensitive test for active malaria, the P. gallinaceum hemagglutination test should be a useful complementary tool for seroepidemiological studies.