Diagnostic, Epidemiologic, and Experimental Parasitology: Immunologic Aspects

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  • Parasitology Division, Bureau of Laboratories, Center for Disease Control, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Atlanta,Georgia 30333

It has been a singular honor for me to serve our Society as President for the past year. What I envisaged to be an honorary position, requiring little more than preparing a Presidential address and presiding at a council and business meeting, turned out to be an exciting, informative, and engrossing experience. Our Society is dynamic and growing. The membership is interested in expanding the activities of the Society. One of the new programs initiated was the appointment of a Committee on Public Affairs to involve the Society in the health needs of our nation by lobbying for programs in the area of tropical medicine. Being your president has been a privilege, and I wish to express my thanks to the members of the Society for the honor and to the members of the various committees for their untiring efforts in carrying out the business of the Society.

Presidential addresses take many forms: some are philosophical; others cover timely and current research areas.