Toxocara-Specific Antibody in the Serum and Aqueous Humor of a Patient with Presumed Ocular and Visceral Toxocariasis

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  • Department of Preventive Medicine, New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Departments of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh Health Center, Ithaca, New York 14853

Rarely have concurrent ocular and systemic toxocariasis been reported in the literature. We describe a patient with serologically proven visceral toxocariasis who had a granulomatous lesion in the iris, small rod-like lesions in the retina, and in whom Toxocara-specific antibodies were also demonstrated in the aqueous humor. Two older siblings of this patients also had demonstrable serum antibody to Toxocara. The ocular manifestations resolved rapidly with corticosteroid and thiabendazole therapy and the initial leucocytosis, hepatomegaly, and elevated IgM level were normal at 3.5 months. These changes might be attributed to either the thiabendazole and prednisone therapy or to the natural history of this disease.