Low Cost Rural Health Care and Health Manpower Training

Volume 1 by Shahid Akhtar Document No. IDRC/042e, 1975. Volume 2 by Francis M. Delaney, Document No. IDRC/069e, 1976. Volume 3 by Francis M. Delaney, Document No. IDRC/039e, 1977. International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada. No price.

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  • Epidemiology Section Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

Individuals who are involved in planning, operating, and evaluating outreach health services in developing countries, as well as scientists concerned with related research areas, have long been faced with a bibliographical problem of major proportions. The documents which report activities of the numerous outreach health intervention projects are seldom published in journal form and exist only as reports, working papers, or other poorly disseminated literature. As a complicating factor, such material is often in the languages of the developing world. The proliferation of innovative health programs, and the resultant need to assess their ultimate impact on the health of the world's people, dictates that information generated which is of use to new and emerging projects should be made readily available.

Through the mechanism of the publication of these and future abstracted bibliographies the Canadian International Development Research Centre has assumed both a responsibility and an important function in providing an information link to programs in the developing world.