Parasitologisch-insektizidkundliches Wörterbuch

compiled by W. Eichler. 525 pages. VEB Gustav Fischer Verlag, 69-Jena, Villengang 2/Postfach 176, Deutsch Demokratische Republik. 1977. 29 M; Foreign, 39 M; £8

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  • Division of Epidemiology, University of California School of Public Health, Los Angeles, California 90024

Review of any dictionary—technical or vernacular—is usually exciting only to a lexicographer. While the list of Dramatis personae may be impressive and extensive, the plot leaves much to be desired! Nevertheless, several unique features of this book surmount the humdrum. While, as the title states, this is a compendium of definitions of German technical terms and abbreviations in the context of parasitology and insecticide science, it also includes many interdisciplinary terms with specialized usages in (e.g.) ecology, entomology, botany, environmental protection, laboratory technique, chemotherapy, and animal diseases.

Most of its 5,886 terms are tersely defined; some are only given as key-words. Either way, almost all have side-by-side (when available) English and Russian equivalents; commonly used terms in other languages (French, Spanish, Czech, etc.) also have equivalents in German, English, and Russian. Indices in both English and Russian direct the reader to the German definition.