The Activity of a Benzothiopyranoindazole (IA-4 N-Oxide) against Schistosoma Mansoni Infection in Rhesus Monkeys

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  • Department of Parasitic Diseases, Division of Communicable Diseases and Immunology; Department of Biology, Division of Medicinal Chemistry; and Department of Veterinary Pathology, Division of Pathology; Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, D.C. 20012

The prophylactic and therapeutic efficacies of IA-4 N-oxide against Schistosoma mansoni in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) have been evaluated. Ten monkeys were divided into 5 groups of 2 monkeys each. All monkeys were exposed to S. mansoni cercariae on day 0 and treatment groups were established as follows: untreated controls, oral prophylactic administration, intramuscular prophylactic administration, oral therapeutic administration, and intramuscular therapeutic administration. Analysis of parasitologic and pathologic criteria indicate that the compound is most effective when administered as a therapeutic regimen. Complete cures were effected in these monkeys. Prophylactic treatments resulted in a delay in onset of patency and reductions in fecal egg excretion, worm burdens, and tissue damage.