Immunoglobulin E in Nigerian Onchocerciasis

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  • Division of Allergy and Immunology and Pediatric Research Laboratories, University of California School of Medicine, Harbor General Hospital Campus, 1000 West Carson Street, Torrance, California 90509

Total serum IgE was measured by radioimmunoassay in 58 adult Nigerian patients with untreated onchocerciasis. Levels in excess of 244.9 IU/ml, the mean level of the healthy Nigerian control subjects tested, were found in 86% of the patients. The levels were comparable to IgE levels found in 15 atopic Nigerian patients from the same residential area (mean = 1,028.7 IU/ml). The findings suggest that onchocerciasis, like allergy, is one of the causes of elevated total serum IgE, though normal levels may occur in this disease.