The Assault on World Poverty. Problems of Rural Development, Education and Health

with a preface by Robert S. McNamara. xi + 425 pages. Published for The World Bank by The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London. 1975

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  • New York Hospital—Cornell Medical Center, New York, N. Y. 10021

That the problems of health are related to the problems of poverty is obvious to all who have worked in the underdeveloped parts of the world. Happily, a new and powerful ally has appeared in the field of tropical medicine—The World Bank. In his preface to “The Assault on World Poverty,” Robert S. McNamara writes:

“Among our century's most urgent problems is the wholly unacceptable poverty that blights the lives of some 2,000 million people in the more than 100 countries of the developing world. Of these 2,000 million, nearly 800 million are caught up in what can only be termed absolute poverty—a condition of life so limited as to prevent realization of the potential of the genes with which they were born; a condition of life so degrading as to be an insult to human dignity.”

The volume is divided into five sections: Rural Development, Agricultural Credit, Land Reform, Education, and Health.