Evaluation of Immunodiagnostic Techniques for the Detection of Human Hydatid Cyst Carriers in Field Studies

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  • Pan American Zoonoses Center, Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, Casilla 23, Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In a study of 662 sera from a hydatidosis endemic area, the indirect hemagglutination test based on a minimal nonspecificity criterion of positivity and the latex agglutination (LA) test were found to be suitable screening techniques for the detection of sera positive to the arc 5, diagnostic of hydatid infection. The lower nonspecificity of the LA test, its greater simplicity and its excellent correlation with the immunoelectrophoresis test suggest that it is the choice screening technique for use in field surveys or seroepidemiologic studies of hydatid disease. The advantages and limitations of this serologic approach for the detection of human hydatid cyst carriers in field studies are discussed.

Author Notes

Present address: Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia 30333.