Biopsy of Onchocerca Nodules in the Igbos of Nigeria

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  • Department of Pathology, General Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria
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The occurrence of Onchocerca nodules in the Igbos of Nigeria was studied in a biopsy series. There were 90 cases in approximately 5,000 biopsies received in 4.5 years at a central laboratory. The prevalence of infection in males was 1.5 times that of females. The two youngest patients were both aged 3 years; the oldest was approximately 70 years. Of the 79 single-site biopsies, 14 (17.7%) nodules occurred on the head and 65 (82.3%) were done elsewhere. The nodules above the waist line totalled 42 (53.2%) and those below it 37 (46.8%). The favorite location was the forehead cephalically and the hip caudally. Eyelid and breast nodules were also noteworthy.