Isolation of Arboviruses (Kemerovo Group, Sakhalin Group) from Ixodes Uriae Collected at Macquarie Island, Southern Ocean

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  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research, CSIRO Division of Animal Health, McMaster Laboratory, Yale Arbovirus Research Unit, Yale University School of Medicine, Brisbane, Queensland, 4006, Australia

Eighty-nine pools of ticks (Ixodes [Ceratixodes] uriae White) collected at Macquarie Island (54° 30′S, 159°E) in the Southern Ocean yielded 16 strains of 2 viruses, 1 a “new” member of the Kemerovo group and 1 a “new” member of the Sakhalin group. The names “Nugget” and “Taggert” are proposed for them. Antigenically-related viruses have therefore now been isolated from I. uriae in both subarctic and subantarctic regions.