Acute Pancreatitis in West Nile Fever

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  • Department of Internal Medicine “B,” Central Negev Hospital, Beersheva, Israel

West Nile fever is a fairly common, well recognized disease in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and Israel. Recurrent epidemic episodes of West Nile fever have been reported from north and central Israel. These epidemic outbursts usually occur in the summer (July–September). During these months there is increased activity of Culex mosquitoes, the vectors of this disease. It has been isolated in vertebrate and invertebrate reservoir hosts in Israel, and in the Middle East. There are regional differences in the natural history of the disease; thus, in Egypt West Nile fever is a mild childhood infectious disease, whereas in Israel it mainly affects adults. Also, there is a great variability in the symptomatology and course of the disease between one outbreak and another, and from year to year.

Report of a Case. A 20-year-old housewife, mother of two children, was admitted to the medical service of the Central Negev Hospital in July 1969 because of abdominal pain, fever, and maculopapular rash of 5 days duration.

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