Introduction of Eli Chernin as Charles Franklin Craig Lecturer for 1972

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  • Department of Health, City of New York, 1309 Fulton Avenue, Bronx, New York 10456

I wish to thank our president, Dr. Harold W. Brown, for his having honored me with the chairmanship of the committee to select the 38th Annual Charles Franklin Craig lecturer. I wish also to express my appreciation to the other members of the committee, Dr. Jordi Casals and Dr. William Frye, for their assistance and cooperation. It is actually a double honor, first, to be associated with the cherished memory of Dr. Craig, and, second, to be able to introduce a respected teacher and scientist who counts among his activities investigative work of a basic nature bearing on a most important problem in tropical medicine—schistosomiasis. As an unscientific clinician and health worker I am familiar with the ravages of this group of diseases and, also, the shortcomings of the available therapeutic agents.