Mokola Virus

Further Studies on IbAn 27377, A New Rabies-related Etiologic Agent of Zoonosis in Nigeria

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  • Virus Research Laboratory, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

IbAn 27377 virus, a rabies-related agent which it is proposed to name Mokola virus, has been isolated six times in Ibadan, Nigeria. The original three strains and one other were recovered from non-nervous tissue of shrews, Crocidura sp. The remaining strains both came from children. The first child, who was admitted to University College Hospital with convulsions and later recovered, yielded Mokola virus from cerebrospinal fluid. The second child, who died of a poliomyelitis-like illness, yielded Mokola virus from brain. In a serum survey, neutralizing antibody to the virus was detected in 1 of 57 sera from cattle, 1 of 30 from goats, 1 of 78 from swine, 1 of 23 from birds, and 1 of 5 from bats (Eidolon helvum); results were negative for 29 sera from other bats, 82 sera from man, 91 from shrews, and 13 from sheep.

Author Notes

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