Intestinal Parasites of Well Cared for Dogs

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  • Department of Biological Sciences, Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60626

A survey of intestinal parasites was done on 846 fecal samples from dogs in a residential area in Chicago. The fecal samples were collected from streets and areas where dogs were walked on leashes. An additional 601 fecal samples collected from dogs and cats brought to area veterinary hospitals were examined for comparison. The prevalence of infections found were 4.25% and 4.33% for ascarids; 3.78% and 4.83% for hookworm; 1.30% and 2.33% for whipworm; 2.71% and 1.33% for strongyloids; 1.65% and 3.83% for other infections. In each of these infections the results in percentages are given first for the street survey and second for the hospital survey.