Human Factors in Air Transportation. Occupational Health and Safety

by Ross A. McFarland, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Industrial Hygiene, Harvard School of Public Health. pp. xv + 830, illustrated. New York, Toronto, London: McGraw-Hill, 1953. $13.00

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McFarland has covered the entire field of health as related to the air transportation industry, and a good many other things as well. Since a very wide range of activities is included, many other industries can draw much useful information from this work, particularly the portions on psychological tests and medical examination in personnel placement; the use of periodic medical examinations; accident prevention in shops and other ground installations; sanitation; and the organization of industrial health programs.

The book is addressed to both medical and non-medical people who have responsibilities in management. It is more inclusive than critical. The physician new to the specialty of industrial medicine, or its subdivision, aviation medicine, can rely on this book as his principal reference. The private physician looking for advice concerning a patient who plans a trip by airplane or who contemplates working in aviation will find most of his questions answered here.