Biologisch-Medizinisches Taschenjahrbuch-1953 (Vogel)

Neubearbeitet von Hans Haferkamp, 13th year. 508 pp. Hippokrates-Verlag Marquardt & Cie. Stuttgart, Germany, DM 7.50

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This well-printed pocket-size book is difficult to appraise by American standards. The 31 collaborators, some in respected academic positions, have created, according to the editor, a “biologic plan” of therapy which may be applied to the more common ailments of mankind—from constitutional diseases of the metabolism, skin diseases, blood dyscrasias and respiratory, digestive and renal disturbances to the maladies of infants and “supportive cure by nature” (Naturheilbehandlung) in surgery. Even a casual perusal of the text discloses a state of German medicine not reflected in current scientific journals received in this country. There is apparent a shallow uncritical acceptance of herbs, extracts, infusions and drugs long ago classed as patent medicines. Use of these preparations is encouraged by the advertisements, book markers and other tricks of the trade so freely interspersing the leaves of the book. Over 215 pages are devoted to an alphabetical catalog and price list of the “Heil- und Kurmittel” under their respective tradenames and the address of the manufacturer.