Epidemiology and Control of Endemic Syphilis

by E. I. Grin, M.D. WHO Monograph Series No. 11 (English edition only). 93 pp. Geneva: World Health Organization. 1953. Price 5/-, $1.00, Fr. fr. 320.-, Sw. fr. 4.-

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This is an important contribution to the field of endemic syphilis, defined by the author as a treponemal disease usually non-venereal, acquired in childhood through use of common utensils, known to be endemic in Bosnia for many centuries. This monograph gives a complete description of case finding, treatment, clinical signs and epidemiology. The author's conclusion that successful campaigns must be followed up at fairly short intervals and that all familial contacts must be treated seems vital. The experiences as related can be applied in certain areas of this country and in other parts of the world and to other treponemal diseases.

Questions by the reviewer arise in regard to the author's data given on congenital syphilis. Too high a per cent of discovered cases in all age groups in the secondary stage is indicated to make his explanation seem completely valid.