A Manual of the Chiggers. The biology, classification, distribution, and importance to man of the larvae of the family Trombiculidae (Acarina)

by G. W. Wharton, Duke University, aided by H. S. Fuller, School of Public Health, Harvard University. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Washington, No. 4. 185 pp., illustrated. Washington: Entomological Society of Washington, U. S. National Museum. 1952. Price $6.00

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This excellent manual was written with the avowed intention of bringing the pertinent information concerning chiggers between the covers of a single volume. In this the authors have succeeded admirably, although information on the Trombiculidae is accumulating rapidly as indicated by a publication noted in the appendix which adds over 70 new species to the 440 species included in the manual. The main section of the manual deals with classification of 4 recognized subfamilies, 31 genera and 17 subgenera, with keys and brief diagnoses. The species are listed with synonyms, distribution and host lists. The classification is based wholly upon larvae. A brief chapter is devoted to the impact of chiggers upon public health. This is considered under three headings: relationship to rickettsia, dermatitis and control.

A review of the literature interspersed with original observations is presented in brief chapters on the behavior of chiggers, life cycles, and anatomy, particularly of the larvae.