Atlas of Medical Mycology

by Emma Sadler Moss, Clinical Professor of Pathology, and Albert Louis McQuown, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology, Louisiana State University School of Medicine. 245 pp. 248 illustrations. Baltimore, Maryland, The Williams & Wilkins Company, 1953. Price $8.00

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Fungus infections simulate malignancy and a wide variety of diseases caused by other infectious agents. A definitive diagnosis of a fungus infection depends, therefore, on the detection, isolation and identification of the etiologic agent. The personnel of the laboratory, clinical or pathological, are responsible for this service. Moss and McQuown present their “Atlas of Medical Mycology” to lighten the task of the personnel in such laboratories.

In this Atlas, a brief chapter on classification is followed by chapters on the various diseases caused by fungi; each chapter is supplemented with clinical and mycological illustrations which total 248 figures. The text also includes 10 charts which summarize clinical and mycological information in tabular form. Chapters on methods, immunology, contaminants, culture media, a glossary and formulary complete the book. Eighteen references are found on the last page.

The clinical illustrations in this book are excellent. The mycological illustrations, however, often fail to demonstrate the characteristic microscopic morphology of the fungi necessary for their identification.