Volume 2 (1953): Issue 2 (Mar 1953)

  • Book Review
    Vol. 1 of Handbuch der Inneren Medizin, 4th Edition; edited by G. v. Bergmann, W. Frey and H. Schwiegk; in 2 parts: part 1, pp. 1536 with 417 illustrations, some in color; part 2, pp. 1225 with 293 illustrations, some in color. Cloth. West Berlin w. 35, Springer-Verlag (Reichpietschufer, 20), 1952. Price DM 374; by subscription, DM 299
  • Book Review
    Review on Comparability of Statistics of Causes of Death According to the Fifth And Sixth Revisions of the International List
    Bulletin of the W. H. O., Supplement 4, Geneva, World Health Organization, Palais des Nations, 1952. 2/9; $0.50; Fr. fr. 160.-; Sw. fr. 2.-
  • Book Review
    Malaria. Basic Principles Briefly Stated
    by Paul F. Russell, M.D., M.P.H., Division of Medicine and Public Health of The Rockefeller Foundation; Consultant to Surgeon General, U. S. Army; formerly Chairman Expert Committee on Malaria of the World Health Organization, 210 pp. 64 illustrations, 3 in color. Published simultaneously by Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, England; Chas. C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, U. S. A. and Ryerson Press, Queen St. West, Toronto 2, Canada, 1952. Price $7.75; 35/-