No. 232, Sango (SAN)

Strain: An 5077

Information from: O. R. Causey, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, 13 March 1969.

Antigenic group: Simbu.

Original source: Isolated by the Ibadan Virus Laboratory at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, from serum of an adult bovine collected 26 April 1965 at a slaughterhouse in Ibadan, Lat. 7° 20′ N, Long. 3° 50′ E. Habitat: No data. Storage: Serum inoculated in mice on day of collection.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Serum diluted in bovalbumin solution. Inoculated 0.02 ml ic in 3-day-old mice on 26 April 1965.

Validity of isolation: Virus reisolated.

Properties of virus: Physical: Filterable through Seitz EK. Chemical: No data. Resistance to chemicals: Sensitive to 1:100 chloroform; control titer 106.3, after-treatment titer ≤101.5. Antigenic: Hemagglutinin produced in tests with infected suckling mouse brain extracted with sucrose-acetone, treated by sonication, and tested with goose erythrocytes at pH 6.4–6.6. Optimal pH 6.4 at room temperature.

Antigenic relation and lack of relation to other viruses: Sango virus found to be related to the Simbu virus by CF.