No. 230, Matucare (MAT)

Strain: Maru 21343

Information from: Gustavo Justines, Middle America Research Unit, Box 2011, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone, 12 June 1969.

Antigenic group: Ungrouped.

Original source: Isolated by Gustavo Justines, at Providencia, San Joaquín area, Bolivia, from 15 adult Ornithodoros boliviensis collected 3 September 1963 by hand from walls and floors of a house in Providencia, Lat. 13° S, Long. 64° 30′ W. Habitat: Flat plain, savanna, and dry forest. Storage: Kept alive until processed.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Tick tissues ground in 25% normal rabbit serum in phosphate-buffered saline solution, pH 7.2. Inoculated 0.02 ml ic in 1-day-old mice on 4 September 1963.

Validity of isolation: Virus reisolated. Another isolate was made from ticks collected at the same time.

Properties of virus: Physical: Filterable through Millipore 100 nm but not 50 nm; size estimated at 30 to 80 nm. Chemical: RNA virus. Resistance to chemicals: Sensitive to 1:100 sodium deoxycholate; control titer 105.9, after-treatment titer <102.0.