No. 229, Upolu (UPO)

Strain: C 5581

Information from: R. L. Doherty, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Australia, 9 June 1969.

Antigenic group: Ungrouped.

Original source: Isolated by R. L. Doherty and colleagues at Queensland Institute of Medical Research from adult female Ornithodoros capensis Neumann collected 21 July 1966 at Upolu Cay, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Lat. 16° 40′ S, Long. 146° E. Habitat: Coral atoll, 400 m × 70 m. Sand under succulent vegetation in colony of terns (Sterna fuscata and S. berghia). Storage: Ticks held at room temperature for 24 hours, at 4°C for 72 hours, then in -60°C Revco until tested.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Ground suspension in 10% rabbit serum in saline solution. Inoculated 0.015 ml ic in 1-day-old mice on 24 November 1966.

Validity of isolation: Not reisolated, but unrelated to any virus held in the laboratory.

Properties of virus: Physical: Filterable through Millipore APO 100 nm in 1 of 2 trials, with loss of titer; size <100 nm.