No. 228, Aino (Aino)

Strain: JaNAr 28

Information from: Katsumi Takahashi, Nagasaki Prefectural Institute of Public Health, Nagasaki, Japan, 20 May 1969.

Antigenic group: Simbu.

Original source: Isolated by Katsumi Takahashi and colleagues, at Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, from Culex tritaeniorhynchus caught by aspirator on 14 September 1964 at Aino town, Nagasaki prefecture, Lat. 32° 8′ N, Long. 130° 9′ E. Habitat: Livestock pens. Rice field area of rural village. Storage: Specimens stored in Dry Ice box until inoculated into mice.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Ground suspension in 10% chicken serum in phosphate-buffered saline solution. Inoculated 0.02 ml ic in 3-day-old mice on 19 September 1964.

Validity of isolation: Reisolation not tried, but two other isolations made in same area.

Properties of virus: Physical: No data. Chemical: No data. Resistance to chemicals: Sensitive to 20% ether; control titer 106.0, after-treatment titer 101.4. Sensitive to 0.1% sodium deoxycholate; control titer 107.0, after-treatment titer 104.0. Infective particle was not precipitated with protamine sulfate.