No. 205, Bandia (BDA)

Strain: IPD/A 611

Information from: P. Brès, Y. Robin, M. Cornet, and G. Hery, Institut Pasteur, B. P. 220, Sénégal, West Africa, 10 April 1967.

Antigenic group: Qalyub.

Original source: Isolated by M. Cornet (O.R.S.T.O.M.) at Bandia (Sénégal) from whole blood of moribund young adult male Mastomys sp. trapped 26 February 1965 in Bandia Forest, Thies Region, Lat. 14°35′N, Long. 71°01′W. Habitat: Rodent burrows, dry savanna, sea-level tropical, one rainy season (July–October). Storage: Specimen stored in -60°C Revco until inoculation in mice.

Method of isolation in laboratory: Blood diluted in 10% rabbit serum in saline solution. Inoculated 0.02 ml ic and 0.03 ml ip in 1-day-old mice on 2 March 1965.

Validity of isolation: First isolation in the laboratory.

Properties of virus: Physical: Filterable through Millipore 220 nm. Chemical: No data. Resistance to chemicals: Sensitive to 1:20 ether; control titer 106.3, after-treatment titer 100.5. Antigenic: No hemagglutinin produced in test with infected mouse brain extracted with sucroseacetone and fluorocarbon and tested with goose erythrocytes.