Pathology in the Tropics

by G. M. Edington, professor and head of Department of Pathology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; and H. M. Gilles, senior lecturer in Tropical Medicine, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool. ix + 756 pages, illustrated. The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, Maryland. 1969. $32.00

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  • Department of Epidemiology Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 1430 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

As in many medical books nowadays, this new book starts with an ecologic introduction in which some of the essential points about adaptation to life in the Tropics are briefly discussed. Then comes a reasonably comprehensive section on protozoal infections in which malaria especially is described in highly expert and detailed fashion, with copious, up-to-date references. The section on helminths (109 pp.) is also comprehensive, with good illustrations, but the section on rickettsial and virus diseases (33 pp.) seems unduly short in comparison even allowing for the caveat (p. 191) that some of these diseases are “not confined to the tropics.” The spotted fever rickettsioses are not described at all; measles—which is a killer disease in many tropical countries—is dealt with in two pages, with no reference to recent work on the accompanying encephalitis; trachoma—also one of the most prevalent and preventable of all tropical and subtropical diseases—is discussed in two pages.