World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics

Vol. 9, edited by Geoffrey H. Bourne. x + 290 pages, illustrated. S. Karger Basel (Switzerland), New York. Distributed in U. S. A. by Albert J. Phiebig, P. O. Box 352, White Plains, New York 10602. 1968. $18.00

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  • Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

The first paper of the unique series included in this 9th volume of World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics can be considered to announce the theme for the remaining papers of the series. J. J. Spengler, a prominent economist, poses the question, “Can food production keep pace with population and the demand for food in the world at large and in the underdeveloped world in both the near future and the long-run.” At this point the reviewer must hasten to add that although this first article is by an economist eminently qualified to discuss the perplexing economics of feeding the increasing world population, the remaining 10 papers are written by nutritionists, biochemists, and food technologists, each in his area of competency.

Spengler's paper, “World Hunger: Past, Present, Prospective that there should be great famine,” is well worth the time of reading of every thoughtful person, expert or layman, concerned with “the beliefs of many well-informed persons that Hunger may stalk in the midst of Abundance within 10 to 15 years and cause to be repeated on a large scale that which has taken place on a small scale countless times in man's past.”