Textbook of Microbiology

Nineteenth Edition, by William Burrows, Professor of Microbiology, The University of Chicago. xvi + 299 pages, illustrated. W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, London, and Toronto. 1968. $21.00

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  • Faculty Exchange University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 73104

The nineteenth edition of this recognized textbook of microbiology has been extensively revised. New illustrative figures, photographs, and other materials have enhanced the usefulness of this treatise in a rapidly changing specialization. The text is essentially divided into three well-balanced sections: basic concepts, applied, and specific coverage of various groups of micro-organisms.

Fundamental principles of microbiology are treated in the first nine chapters of the revision. Included in these chapters are historical development, laboratory methodology, morphology, cultural, metabolism, effects of chemical and physical environments, variation and genetics, and taxonomy of micro-organisms. The information presented is more than adequate to orient the reader in basic concepts of microbiology. The bacterial-metabolism chapter establishes the need for an excellent background in chemistry to pursue the subject of modern microbiology. A complete understanding of this section of the text is necessary to comprehension of the remainder of subject matter covered.