California Virus in New York State

Isolation and Characterization of California Encephalitis Virus Complex from Aedes cinereus

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  • Division of Laboratories and Research, New York State Department of Health, and the State Museum and Science Service, New York State Education Department, Albany

A virus belonging to the CEV complex but antigenically different from the prototype BFS-283 strain was isolated from a pool of 23 Aedes cinereus mosquitoes collected in St. Lawrence County, New York, on 8 July 1965. Antibodies neutralizing California encephalitis virus were detected in serum from man, dairy cows, and wild animals from 11 counties; 14% of the serum from residents of two rural counties and 5% of that from suburban residents had CEV antibody. In animals, antibody was frequently found in wood-chucks (65%), deer (33%), and dairy cows (15%).