Probleme der Geburtshilfe und Gynakologie in einem afrikanischen Entwicklungsland

by A. Huber and H. W. Boldt, Imperial Guard Hospital und Ghandi Memorial Hospital, Addis Abeba. viii + 128 pages, illustrated. S. Karger AG Basel, New York, N.Y. (Distribution in USA by Albert J. Phiebig, P.O. Box 352, White Plains, New York 10602) 1968. $7.95

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  • Harvard Medical School, 26 Shattuck Street Boston, Massachusetts 02115

This monograph in three parts has 120 pages and is written in simple German that is easy to read. It should prove to be very valuable, not only for the physician who wants to practice obstetrics and gynecology in a tropical country, but also for those persons who are interested in the culture, customs, and traditions of Ethiopia. And even though the good, carefully documented statistics prove that, for instance, maternal and neonatal mortality is considerably lower in Ethiopia than in other developing countries of the African continent, the reading of this book should be recommended to all those members of the health professions who plan to devote a considerable time to activities in Africa.

The chapters on obstetrical and gynecological practice provide good information on the situation throughout Ethiopia, including the rural areas where medical care is practically absent and the capital, Addis Abeba, with a relative abundance of physicians.