Prevalence of Intestinal Nematodes in a Civilian, Adult, South Vietnamese Population

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  • Headquarters & Company A, 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Infantry Division


In this study, over one-half of the specimens of stool submitted by South Vietnamese labor applicants were positive for intestinal nematodes. Nearly all positive specimens contained eggs of either Ascaris lumbricoides or hookworm. The comparatively low prevalence of Trichuris may be due to the relatively low numbers and resistance of its eggs or to the little moisture in the soil during part of the study. Multiple infections with nematodes were not rare. It is suggested that a significant portion of the adult South Vietnamese population harbors, in a relatively asymptomatic manner, enteric nematodes in a balanced hostparasite relation.

Author Notes

Present address: Yale University School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Division of Neurosurgery, 789 Howard Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06510.