The Epidemiology of Tropical Diseases

by Oscar Felsenfeld. 488 pages (88 Chapters) with index and references. Charles C Thomas, Springfield, Illinois. $14.75

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  • Department of Epidemiology School of Public Health University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The title of this book, written by a well-known figure with immense experience in communicable diseases and in problems of international health, attracts immediate attention as a subject badly in need of authoritative examination and attention. The declared scope and Chapter headings leave no doubt that Dr. Felsenfeld is aware of the magnitude of his task for which his experience is almost unique. In the introductory chapters he presents, convincingly yet impersonally, a scholarly approach to his subject combined with the practical viewpoint of an experienced field worker, enunciating general principles that anyone—lay or professional—entering the field of health in tropical (or other) regions could read with advantage. The importance of ecology, of socioeconomic matters, of selective pressures on etiologic factors, of matrices of diseases and other fundamental considerations are brought together effectively though in very general terms in the introductory section.