Treatment of Experimental and Clinical Schistosomiasis with Hormonal Inhibitors of Ovulation


Ninety-five male albino mice were infected with 50 cercariae of S. mansoni each and treated for six days a week, from the 15th to the 75th day after the infection, with drugs which inhibit ovulation in humans, as linestrenol plus mestranol, methyltestosterone, estradiol, and p. oxypropiophenone. The doses were five times greater, in mg/kg, than those used for women. The evaluation of the efficacy of the treatment was based on numerous therapeutic indexes. It was not possible to demonstrate a definitely positive action; however a reduction was noticed, just reaching significant limits, of the total number of worms in the two groups of mice treated with methyltestosterone and estradiol. A clinical case of S. mansoni infection, which had not been previously treated with other drugs, was treated for 60 days with a daily dose of 4 mg of ethinylnortestosterone acetate and 0.05 mg of ethinylestradiol. Neither a clinical improvement nor a reduction of eggs in the feces was obtained.

Author Notes

Department of Tropical and Subtropical Medicine, University of Milan, Italy.

Department of Parasitology, University of Pavia, Italy.

Department of Microbiology, Carlo Erba Institute for Therapeutic Research, Milan, Italy.