Clinical Venereology for Nurses and Students

by Benjamin Schwartz, M.D., D.P.H., Consultant Venereologist, St. George's Hospital, London; Consultant Dermatologist, Tilbury and S. E. Essex Group of Hospitals. viii + 135 pages, 29 illustrations. Pergamon Press Ltd., London. 1966. $2.95

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  • Department of Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

The purpose of this little book is stated to be “an attempt to put the group of genital and venereal diseases in perspective.” While it is written primarily for nurses and paramedical personnel staffing V.D. clinics it is by no means too brief to be of interest to medical students and possibly physicians not specialists in genitourinary diseases.

The introduction is a brief history of venereal diseases and some of the problems they pose in modern society. The fourteen chapters which follow discuss the symptomatology, pathogeneses, clinical course, complications, diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea and syphilis primarily. The rarer venereal diseases and the treponematoses of tropical and subtropical areas are considered briefly. All of the relatively common non-venereal lesions of the male and female genital tracts are described and discussed in varying degrees. The last chapter is devoted to measures for control of venereal disease. Many of the chapters are concluded with short summaries for quick reference.