1964 Progress Report of the Aedes Aegypti Eradication Program


The Aedes aegypti eradication program was activated in FY 1964, and by the end of June was operational in southern Florida, southern Texas, Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands. It is planned to have full-scale operations underway in all of the nine infested states in the southeastern United States and also in the State of Hawaii by 1967. This program meets U. S. commitments to participate with other member nations of the PAHO in eradicating the Ae. aegypti species from the Western Hemisphere as a permanent solution for the prevention of urban yellow fever.

During the latter half of 1964, substantial progress was made in reducing infestations by means of insecticides and source reduction measures in all operational areas. These limited operations have shown the strengths and weaknesses in the eradication methods employed and will thus provide valuable guidance in developing more effective and efficient operations in the future.

Author Notes

Assistant Chief, Aedes aegypti Eradication Branch, CDC, Atlanta, Georgia.

State Project Director, Aedes aegypti Eradication Program, Jacksonville, Florida.

Chief, Aedes aegypti Eradication Branch, CDC.