Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fevers in Panjab (India): A Study of 340 Cases

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  • Medical College/Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Amritsar, India


An analysis is presented of 340 cases, 334 of typhoid and 6 of paratyphoid-A fever, observed in the Panjab (India). Peculiarities in the clinical picture, pattern of complications, and mortality are pointed out. Rose spots were absent, epistaxis was rare, and a remittent type of temperature was uncommon. Cough was the commonest presenting symptom. Circulatory failure was surprisingly frequent while intestinal hemorrhage and performation were comparatively uncommon. Circulatory failure alone accounted for two-thirds, while intestinal hemorrhage and perforation accounted for nearly one-quarter, of all deaths. The mortality rate did not rise with age and was almost twice as great in females as in males.

Author Notes

At present Professor of Clinical Medicine, Medical College, Rohtak, Panjab, India.