Diarrhea Caused by Non-Cholera Vibrios

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  • Pakistan-SEATO Cholera Research Laboratory (CRL), Division of Biologics Standards (DBS), National Institutes of Health, Dacca, East Pakistan


Patients with diarrheal illness occurring in Dacca, East Pakistan, from whom cultures showed heavy growths of non-cholera vibrios (NCV) were studied. Cases occurred in both sexes and in both local residents and in U. S. personnel residing in Dacca. Unequivocal antibody titer rises against the infecting NCV were demonstrated in sera from certain cases. Survey of healthy individuals in the area failed to reveal any people with heavy infections of NCV. Small numbers of organisms from the three strains tested were able to produce a diarrheal disease in infant rabbits, and complete protection against diarrhea followed passive administration of hyperimmune serum. The demonstrated pathogenicity for man and the widespread distribution of NCV in surface waters of the world suggest that simple methods designed to identify these organisms should be included in the laboratory routines used in the study of diarrhea.

Author Notes

Present address: Instructor in Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire.

Division of Biologics Standards, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.

Clinical Research Section, CRL.

Director, CRL.

Research Assistant, Clinical Research Section, CRL.