Experimental Chemotherapy, Volume III, Chemotherapy of Bacterial Infections, Part II, Chemotherapy of Fungal Infections; Chemotherapy of Rickettsial and Viral Infections

ed. by R. J. Schnitzer, formerly, Chemotherapy Department, Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., Nutley, New Jersey, and Frank Hawking, Division of Chemotherapy and Parasitology, National Institute for Medical Research, London, England. xviii + 648 pages, illustrated. Academic Press, New York and London. 1964. $25.00

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  • Department of Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

This volume completes the series concerned with chemotherapy of infectious diseases. Volume III was written by twenty-one contributors from many parts of the world. The volume completes the presentations on chemotherapy of bacterial diseases and includes chemotherapy of fungal, rickettsial and viral infections. Among the subjects discussed are the penicillins, mode of actions of streptomycin, the tetracyclines and their mode of action, Chloramphenicol, Macrolides and Chemotherapy of Fungal, Rickettsial and Viral Diseases. This book although about 600 pages in length is not complete but is an excellent source of information for both microbiologists, students and clinicians. There is a good bibliography appended to each chapter and the index is good. The book is a good one on the subject.