Heat Stress and Heat Disorders

by C. S. Leithead, M.B., Ch.B., D.Obst., D.T.M. & H., Lecturer in Tropical Medicine, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Honorary Consultant Physician in Tropical Medicine, Sefton General Hospital, Liverpool, and A. R. Lind, B.Sc., D.Phil., Head, Physiology Branch of the Medical Service, National Coal Board; Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, University of Edinburgh. xiii + 304 pages, illustrated. F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia. 1964. $6.95

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  • Department of Medicine Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

This book by Leithead and Lind is a welcomed one. It is a brief summary of a great deal of work published over many years from many laboratories. Obviously a book as short as this one cannot include all the important data in the literature but those data selected by the authors are clearly presented. The book is divided in two parts, i.e., I. Assessment, Management and Control of Heat Stress, and II. Disorders Due to Heat Stress. The book contains discussions of the extent of heat stress in man, physiology of thermal regulation, heat exchange between the body and the environment, evaluation of heat stress and strain, thermal limits for various occupations, control of heat stress, management of personnel exposed to heat, heat syncope, water and electrolyte balance, skin disorders, heatstroke, and others.

It is not possible to present all of the problems related to heat stress and strain in 250 pages.