Serological Studies on Cholera

I. Antibody Levels Observed in Vaccinated and Convalescent Persons

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  • The Van Houweling Laboratory for Microbiological Research, Silliman University Medical Center, Dumaguete City, Philippines


An outbreak of El Tor cholera was studied in Negros Oriental, Philippines. The proportion of cases in vaccinated individuals approximated the proportion of the population from which these patients came which had received anti-cholera vaccine. Agglutinating antibodies were detected in the sera of both vaccinees and convalescent persons, but the antibody levels against the El Tor organisms were lower than those against Asian cholera organisms in vaccinees who had received injections of heat inactivated Asian cholera vibrio. Several techniques of the agglutination test were compared, and the capillary tube test and the microscopic agglutination test performed in hanging drops were found to be useful alternate procedures to the test tube agglutination test.

Author Notes

With the technical assistance of Osmundo Elviña.