Proceedings of the XVI International Congress of Zoology

Volumes 1–4, edited by John A. Moore. Vol. 1, 313 pages; Vol. 2, 325 pages; Vol. 3, 421 pages; Vol. 4, 387 pages; paper back. Publ. by XVI International Congress of Zoology, Washington, D. C. 1963. $1.25 per volume

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  • Department of Tropical Medicine and Public Health Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

These four volumes of off-set printing from original typed copies comprise an extensive compilation of subjects in the field of zoology, more or less grouped in related categories. Volumes 1 and 2 contain contributed papers (published in abstract form), while volumes 3 and 4 are devoted to somewhat longer symposium presentations. Volume 1 includes in sequence the following subject categories: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Fauna, Parasitology, Vertebrate Zoology, Paleontology, Systematics, Zoögeography, Ecology, scientific demonstrations, and papers presented by title. Volume 2 contains summaries on Behavior, Physiology, Endocrinology, Evolution, Genetics, Embryology, Cell Biology, and general subjects. Volume 3 is devoted to symposia on Endocrinology, Adjustment to Environment, Chemoreception, Physiology, Biology, Evolution, Functional Morphology, Natural Area Reserves and Recent Advances in Simian Malaria, while Volume 4 contains papers on Fauna of North America, Mammalian Evolution of Southern Continents, Human Evolution, Mimicry, Biology of Blood Protozoa, Insect Development and Endocrinology, Chromosome Structure and Function, three symposia dealing with deep sea fauna, “Biological Clocks,” Ontogeny of Basic Response Patterns, and Animal Navigation.