Comments on Cultivation of Exoerythrocytic Stages of Plasmodia

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I am grateful for the opportunity to open the discussion of Dr. Huff's paper. First of all, I think we should recognize that Dr. Huff and his colleagues are the ones to prepare such a paper; they are unquestionably the leaders in this area of malarial research.

The paper is both interesting and stimulating. It covers a multitude of scientific disciplines and technologies. Consequently, I think it quite likely that there will be a lively discussion. There may be temptations to stray into biochemical, physiological, embryological, and other considerations beyond the scope of the present workshop. However, should this happen, it is a problem for the moderator and not for me.

Now, with Dr. Huff's indulgence, I should like to make a few comments about the paper; hopefully I shall be able to cover some of the highlights of this interesting work.

Dr. Huff did not go into the history of in vitro culture of malarial parasites.

Author Notes

National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.