Books Received

Mild-Moderate Forms of Protein-Calorie Malnutrition, Symposia of the Swedish Nutrition Foundation, Bastad, August 29–31, 1962, edited by Gunnar Blix, M.D. 159 pages, illustrated. Almqvist and Wiksells, Uppsala. 1963.

Pathology of Domestic Animals, Volume 1, by K. V. F. Jubb, Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Canada and Peter C. Kennedy, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, California. xvi + 477 pages, illustrated. Academic Press, New York and London. 1963. $18.00.

Origin, Program, and Operation of the U. S. National Health Survey. A description of the developments leading to enactment of the National Health Survey Act, and a summary of the policies, initial program, and operation of the survey. 41 pages, paper back. U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Washington, D. C. 1963.

Techniques in Parasitology, First Symposium of the British Society for Parasitology, edited by Angela E. R. Taylor. viii + 107 pages, illustrated, paper back. F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia. 1963. $3.25.