Experimental Chemotherapy

Volume I, edited by R. J. Schnitzer, formerly with Chemotherapy Department, Hoffman-LaRoche Inc., Nutley, New Jersey and Frank Hawking, Division of Chemotherapy and Parasitology, National Institute for Medical Research, London, England. xv + 1008 pages, illustrated. New York and London, Academic Press. 1963. $38.

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  • Research Division Parke, Davis & Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan

This publication, the first of a three volume series on Experimental Chemotherapy, deals mainly with the chemotherapy of protozoan and metazoan infections. Eight of the 22 chapters were written by the editors; the others were prepared by selected biologist collaborators, all with extensive experience in their fields of specialization. The first 4 sections are on general aspects of the subject—history, toxicity, statistical evaluation, and drug resistance. These are followed by chapters on the major parasitic diseases of man and domesticated animals. Included also are sections on anaplasmosis, spirochaetal diseases, and miscellaneous infections. The chapters on specific diseases deal first with the biology of the pathogens and of the infections they produce. Techniques for measuring chemotherapeutic activity in vitro and in vivo are then described. The types of active compounds are reviewed as to structure and efficacy under various test conditions. In many instances, structure-activity relationships, methods of estimation in tissues and body fluids, toxicity data, and mechanism of chemotherapeutic action are reviewed.