Leptospirosis in Bovines and Their Human Contacts in Egypt (U.A.R.)

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  • United States Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3, Cairo, U.A.R.
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A total of 1,314 serum samples comprised of 368 individuals occupationally associated with bovines, 558 buffaloes, and 388 cattle were examined serologically against 12 leptospiral serotypes by an agglutination-lysis test. Antibodies against serotypes were detected in 38 samples. three individuals had antibodies against Leptospira autumnalis, L. grippotyphosa, and L. malaya, respectively. Among 27 buffaloes reactors were found against L. autumnalis, L. bataviae, L. canicola, L. icterohemorrhagiae A and L. icterohemorrhagiae AB. Eight cows had antibodies against L. bataviae, L. canicola, L. icterohemorrhagiae A, L. icterohemorrhagiae AB, or L. malaya.

Author Notes

Present address: Department of Veterinary Science, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster, Ohio

Medical Service Corps, U.S.N.

Hospital Corps, U.S.N.