Non-infective Disease in Africa. The Peculiarities of Medical Non-infective Diseases in the Indigenous Inhabitants of Africa South of the Sahara

by H. C. Trowell, O. B. E., M.D. (London), F.R.C.P., Consultant Physician Mulago Hospital, Uganda Medical Department and Department of Medicine, Makerere College Medical School, Kampala, Uganda, Formerly Senior Specialist Physician and Lecturer in Medicine. 481 + viii pages, illustrated. London, Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. (The Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, exclusive U. S. agents), 1960. $13.00

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  • Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

This rather small volume is an important contribution to the field of tropical medicine. Most text and reference books dealing with tropical diseases have overemphasized infections to the neglect of other disorders. Moreover, they are either on the one hand clinically oriented and based inadequately on scientific principles, or are scientifically oriented and woefully lacking in practical clinical thinking. Dr. Trowell's book provides a ready source of clinical information on non-infectious diseases with ample scientific discussion of each condition covered. Authors of general texts in tropical medicine would do well to lean heavily on this work. Especially well treated are the sections on liver disease, but readily located throughout the book by means of the subject index are many useful bits of information not available in any other single source.

The organization could have been improved. Discussion of the African milieu interieur rather than being last, is basic to the entire topic and could better be read before the other chapters.