We thank the leadership of the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Statistics for the productive collaboration on the implementation of the COMSA project. We also thank Dr. Francisco Mbofana who has been instrumental in the initial design of the COMSA project. We are grateful to the hardworking data collection team: 48 verbal and social autopsy interviewers, 700 community surveillance agents, and 15 drivers. The collaboration and support of the community leaders is much appreciated. We especially thank families within COMSA clusters who willingly participated in the study. We also acknowledge and thank people who were involved in the early implementation of the COMSA project (Elisio Mazive, Cassiano Soda Chipembe who passed away in July 2018, Xadreque Maunze, Zuraida Khan, Charles Arlindo, Carlos Creva, and Rogerio Cossa). We thank the administrative support staff at the National Institute of Statistics (Candida Manhique and 11 provincial delegates) and at the National Institute of Health (Victor Mavie, Ibraimo Mussagy, Salvador Mate, and other staff that contributed to the project). At Johns Hopkins University, the administrative support staff was invaluable, including Girlie Reyes, Kristi Gorsuch, Rachel Herrera, and Brittany Furgal. We acknowledge Agostinho Emanuel Moreira de Sousa, Diana Lu, Karishma Sethi who assisted with various project activities during their internship in Mozambique as part of their master’s degree. Finally, we are thankful to the CHAMPS team at Manhica Research Center led by Inacio Mandomando and Quique Bassat; and the Emory University for the productive collaboration.

The team would like to acknowledge the wonderful editorial team at AJTMH, especially Phil Rosenthal, Alison Jaeb, and Sophia Nanni.

Author Notes